The Right Solution for Booster Clubs and Non Profits!

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Booster Club/Non Profit Fund Management

Booster Finance is a fully web based fund management solution for Booster Clubs and Non Profits. We offer a simplified way to account for your funds and other organization requirements, all within an intuitive and simple to use system.

With Booster Finance, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily record all your financial transactions within a secure online ledger

  • Manage Budgets, Fundraisers, Members with advanced reporting capabilities

  • Quickly setup a fully integrated Online Store to increase revenue and manage funds

  • Have unlimited access to our support staff as well as other training materials including live webinars and an extensive video tutorial library

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Try it for 45 days

A free trial of Booster Finance allows you to build your account in real time and lets you use the full version of this comprehensive Ledger to track your finances. Then, when you choose to continue on with Booster Finance, you’ve already created your account.

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